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Cannaregio Canal Views

This enchanting resort unveils a symphony of architectural elegance and natural allure, offering 24 bespoke villas adorned with a pristine White Limestone façade and expansive openings that frame captivating vistas of the Cannaregio canal. Each villa, a realm of opulent individuality, opens onto private terraces, while the spa, a celestial haven, invites rejuvenation amidst mesmerizing waterscapes. Communal spaces, suffused with sunlight, foster connections, and the gentle melody of the canal. Step into a world where modern luxury and timeless Venetian charm converge, inviting you to immerse in a tapestry of tranquility, bespoke living, and cultural enchantment. Welcome to Cannaregio Canal Views – where architectural artistry embraces the soul of Venice.


Residemtial / Hospitality


Venice, Italy



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