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City of Fluxes

Our project presents an innovative and transformative approach to urban development, introducing a new infrastructure typology that addresses the limitations of its predecessors while reimagining the cityscape. By harnessing the power of complex algorithms and mapping techniques, we gain deep insights into user behaviors, enabling us to create a dynamic and responsive urban environment. Through strategic zoning and urban connections, our design not only adapts to users’ habits but also promotes a healthier and more efficient lifestyle, fostering a sustainable and vibrant city experience. At the core of our approach is the analysis of urban fluxes, which serves as the lifeblood of our urban development strategy. By understanding the intricate patterns and flows of people, goods, and information, we can strategically theme and prioritize the suspended connections that link different urban centers. This thoughtful integration of urban fluxes not only ensures a smooth and efficient flow of resources but also fosters social cohesion and connectivity between diverse communities.

With Stefano Bastia, Eurind Caka.




Bologna, Italy



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