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Competing Chronologies

The chosen concept for this project revolves around the intriguing dichotomy between the building’s design and the proposed program. It is not intended to provide definitive answers but rather to evoke questions and stimulate profound intellectual exploration. The true vitality of a building lies in its ability to inspire and provoke the emotions and memories of its occupants. NTAR embraces this concept as the driving force behind the design of the University of London’s Physics Department, new overground station, and offices. By seamlessly integrating architectural form with the spirit of scientific exploration, we create a space that fosters intellectual growth and sparks contemplation. The design encourages a harmonious fusion of science, architecture, and the human experience, ultimately shaping a built environment that transcends its physical boundaries. In summary, the University of London Physics Department, new overground station, and offices project embodies the interplay between architectural design and intellectual pursuit. By challenging the notion of timeless architecture and fostering a dynamic environment for scientific exploration, NTAR aims to create a space that raises profound questions, stimulates curiosity, and amplifies the pursuit of knowledge.


Transportation, Offices, Education


London, UK



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