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Dynamic Mutations GSD V 6.0

Instructors: Nicolas Turchi, Yuan Mu, Niccolo D'Ambrosio

THIS IS A FREE HARVARD GSD WEBINAR. Dynamic Mutations GSD V5.0 will be the 5th version of Dynamic Mutations to visit Harvard GSD students. In this course we will explore a range of modeling techniques in a streamlined process across two major platforms: Autodesk Maya and McNeel Rhino + Grasshopper. This webinar will introduce students to polygonal modeling, parametric design, and animation. The webinar will be broken into a series of tutorials that will cover an introduction to polygonal mesh modelling and animation with Maya focused on non destructive workflows along with various morphing and panelization techniques using the meshes in Grasshopper. Students will become familiar with essential parametric tools and techniques such as morphing, massing, mapping, form finding, polygon deformation, key framing, etc. The goal for this webinar is to teach students how to model complex geometry in Maya while dynamically mutating it, quickly building up versions of the initial idea. Most importantly, students will learn to create models which allow flexibility in design decisions via cataloged history states as opposed to having to re-do a model when changes are needed.

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