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Elaborate Sinuosity 1.0

Elaborate Sinuosity V1.0 explored advanced poly modeling techniques and complex geometry control using Autodesk Maya. The course took on an exercise-based approach, showing different workflows and tackling several case studies including modular towers, parametric and responsive facades, sinuous and organic structures. Elegance, sinuosity, tension and synergic forces are prominent components of the deployed algorithmic methodology, taking advantage of non-destructive processes and procedural operations in order to produce several design options and optimize the final results. This is a must to do course for those interested in learning Autodesk Maya in relation to Architecture and those keen on developing a new design language using parametric and digital tools. By the end of the webinar you will have an advanced understanding of modelling techniques, animation, deformations and quick visualization using Autodesk Maya.

Instructors: Nicolas Turchi

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