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In this Office Building Cars are safer, they neither produce pollution nor acoustic issues, they can literally start to interact within the architecture, both around and inside it. A smart gate system sets the access to the mixed open groundspace where cars slow down and start to become like a pedestrian, learning from their movement and behavior to better camouflage in this environment. The AV permits immediate drop off all around the building; they can stop in dedicated areas where they become an actual part of the interiors and the work activity. The project’s take on futurism and AI is the following: the spectacle of technology is not an end in itself; I am exposing humans to technology and vice versa in a working environment in order to stimulate a reciprocal learning process. This a more specific idea of progress developed through a close reading of the movement’s scopes and vigor together with a conscious and realistic projection of the previously listed possibilities the technology we are approaching might bring to us in a few decades.




New York, USA



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