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Hidden Forces

“Hidden Forces,” an innovative architectural project by NTAR, challenges conventional perceptions of glitches and unveils a fresh perspective. Traditionally regarded as errors or anomalies, glitches are typically associated with disruptions and aberrations. However, in this groundbreaking endeavor, the project delves deep into the essence of glitches, exploring their hidden and unseen dimensions—the enigmatic and unpredictable forces concealed within the fabric of reality. Rather than dismissing glitches as negative occurrences, they are examined as creative energies that exist within a sub-reality dimension. The building itself embodies a state of perpetual transformation, continuously evolving and adapting as it interacts with its surroundings. It seamlessly integrates disparate elements into a dynamic and harmonious shape, illustrating that even glitches possess inherent qualities and contribute to the overall artistic vision. “Hidden Forces” challenges preconceived notions, offering a captivating exploration of glitches as powerful and transformative agents in the architectural realm.


Mixed-use Extension


Sofia, Bulgaria



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