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The Museum of Mobility and Transportation (MMT) fulfills the need for a building that serves as an exhibitor of Italy’s rich transportation history and showcases the excellence of the industry. Simultaneously, it delves into the significance of Mobility in contemporary society. The concept of Mobility is dissected into its two fundamental components: Space and Time. Drawing inspiration from Henri Bergson’s theory of spatialized time, which posits that human perception of the fourth dimension depends on two primary filters, the project explores the interplay between these elements. The museum provides a platform to unravel this dualism and translate thoughts into a comprehensive experience that enriches the journey of visitors. The scientific dimension of space/ time perpetuates through a glass envelope punctuated by portals in a recurring pattern. These portals serve as triggers, prompting visitors to recognize the sequentiality of beats and intervals, the relationship between fullness and emptiness. By engaging with this architectural language, guests are invited to contemplate the dynamic nature of time and space, bridging the gap between the objective and subjective realms.


Cultural Building


Bologna, Italy



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