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MOE_Museum of Emotions

Unlike traditional museums, MOE transcends the boundaries of mere observation, inviting visitors to embark on an immersive existential odyssey. As you step inside the ring, you're enveloped in a symphony of emotions, where the interplay between the galleries and the natural environment creates a dynamic and ever-evolving experience.

MOE challenges the conventional notion of consuming cultural material by empowering visitors to engage with art and exhibits on a deeply personal level. Here, negative and positive emotions intertwine, guiding visitors on a voyage of self-discovery and introspection. Through this emotive exploration, visitors forge a profound connection with the space, transforming from passive observers to integral participants in the museum's narrative.

At MOE, the boundaries between art and life blur, allowing visitors to redefine their relationship with the space and themselves. Each visit is a unique and unforgettable journey, where the museum becomes more than just a venue—it becomes a reflection of the human experience, a sanctuary for the soul, and an immersive unicum that leaves an indelible mark on all who enter its hallowed halls.








Nicolas Turchi

Alina Iskrytska

Leila Hooshmand

Yung Yu Wu

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