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New Webinar: Elaborate Sinuosity V2.0

Nicolas will teach a new online course with DesignMorphine on parametric modeling and immersive visualization in August 2023.

NTAR, Nicolas Turchi. Webinar, designmorphine. maya. parametric design, visualization. lumion. tutorial

Day 1: August 05, 2023 - Saturday (3pm to 8pm UTC)

Elaborate Sinuosity V2.0 will explore the world of parametric design and immersive rendering using Autodesk Maya and Lumion. It is perfect for architects, designers, and artists who are interested in exploring the capabilities of these powerful tools. The webinar will cover beginner to advanced poly modeling techniques and complex geometry control using Autodesk Maya. The topics that will be covered, showing different workflows, include modular towers, parametric and responsive facades, sinuous, and organic structures. Participants will learn about elegance, sinuosity, tension, and synergic forces as prominent components of the deployed algorithmic methodology. We will take advantage of non-destructive processes and procedural operations to produce several design options and optimize the final results. The webinar will also dive into the world of immersive rendering using Lumion, a real-time visualization tool that can bring designs to life. Participants will learn how to use Lumion's powerful tools to add realistic lighting, textures, and environments to their models, creating a fully immersive experience. By the end of the webinar, participants will have an advanced understanding of modeling techniques, deformations, visualization, and animation using Autodesk Maya and Lumion.

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