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The Prism

Presenting ‘The Prism’, an audacious  hotel concept poised harmoniously between rugged natural rock formations within an austere environment. This visionary project initiates an extraordinary dialogue with its surroundings, forging a unique relationship that transcends the ordinary. In deliberate contrast to the surrounding geological wonders, The Prism boasts a meticulously designed, nearly platonic architectural form that stands as a testament to modernity and innovation. The facade, cloaked in pigmented reflective glass, not only moderates interior solar exposure but also orchestrates a mesmerizing interplay of reflections with the encompassing landscape. As daylight recedes, The Prism metamorphoses into a radiant architectural gem, painting the horizon with its luminous allure. The culmination of this ingenious design is a symphony of design and nature, a harmonious oasis in an unforgiving environment that challenges conventional perceptions of luxury and accommodation.


Hospitality, Hotel





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