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Dynamic Mutations GSD V6.0

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Nicolas Turchi will be teaching this year Harvard Graduate School of Design J-Term Course with Design Morphine.

Dynamic Mutations GSD V6.0 will introduce a set of studies through a dynamic workflow between Autodesk Maya and McNeel Rhino+Grasshopper. It intends to approach software on displaying the unique connections between its key features. It will explore the foundation of polygon modeling and utilize UV mapping to create relations between geometry and its topology. Moving forward to expand the workflow on time-based effects, it will take a step back and generate curves or topographical lines through shared features with the geometry. Using those curves as guidelines, students will get familiar with the essential interface, gain experience in the combination of manual sculpting and physical simulation, create computational modeling and effects with certain degrees of freedom. Along with learning procedural design, students will be encouraged to re-evaluate the connection between different techniques and break the boundaries of the conventional thinking around said tools. Most importantly, students will learn to create models which allow flexibility in design decisions via cataloged history states as opposed to having to re-do a model when changes are needed.


Nicolas Turchi

Yuan Mu

Niccolo D'Ambrosio

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